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helping stroke survivors and their carers, providing support, social events, aerobic and aqua classes

I know just how hard it can be, recovering from a stroke. If you don't push yourself you will never know what you can achieve. Activity is the answer to physical and mental well-being and in the company of friends, things can be a little easier.

Overcoming problems is always less difficult when there is someone to share your thoughts, your frustration, your ambitions and to make life more pleasant.

Woking Stroke Ability (charity no.1126721) meet regularly for exercise in the gym, water aerobics in the pool and for other activities such as days out sailing and socially for pub lunches.

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rehabilitation for stroke survivors :

Rehailitation activities can help give stroke survivors back their life. It helps restore confidence and fitness and can be achieved on a one to one basis or a class activity.

support for families and carers :

Carers also need support and benefit from the plans and goals to aid rehabilitation.

rehabilitation classes :

Exercises cater for all ages and involve carers allowing everyone to work at their own level. They involve endurance, strength and resistance training as well as co-ordination skills to help promote mobility and flexibility.

outings and social events :

As well as therapeutic exercise I am involved with outings and social events such as meals out, sailing, theatre trips and fundraising events.

rehibilitation classes

  • Saturday, gym exercise at Woking Leisure Centre
  • Tuesday, aqua aerobics at Woking Homes
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