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fight club


Do not be put off by the name, fight club will be a fun fuelled workout suitable for everyone, working in pairs for the boxing technique sections and the skipping can be substituted with a low impact alternative.

If you want to sign up with a friend and always partner them that's absolutely fine.

There will be pad work but the goal is to work on speed and technique keeping the contact light and both partners safe at all times. Don't worry about upper body strength the aim of fight club is to increase your overall fitness and strength whilst having a fantastic time.

The class is based on intervals so if you need a rest there is plenty of opportunity to catch your breath, get a drink or soak up the atmosphere which will be buzzing!

I have been teaching boxing fit, boxercise and fight club since 1994 and I'm always updating the workout drills so you get the best results and enjoy every second of it!

This group fitness class involves tracks which are designed with specific fitness goals.

Equipment provided.